Howard Stern Interviews

As it’s the case with most radio shows, the Howard Stern Show has guests in each of its episodes. Besides celebrity guests, which are often found in the studio, Howard Stern interviews also feature a number of personalities whose fame came from the show. They are people with something to say, special in some way, either because of their comical voice or their views, which range from racism to paranoia.

Either over the phone, or in person, the Howard Stern interviews featured many celebrities. In many cases these celebrity guests even became regulars on the show. There were also many well known musicians, which showed up during the show and played their songs.

Some of the celebrity guests interviewed on the Howard Stern show were 50 Cent, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nichole Ritchie, Ben Affleck, Benicio del Toro, Julia Styles, Courtney Love, Hugh Hefner, Rachael Taylor, Quentin Tarantino, and many others very well known celebrities.

Many of these celebrity guests became show regulars, and that was the case with Alec Baldwin, Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson, Ozzy Osbourne, Pamela Anderson, William Shatner or Andy Dick, among many others.

When you consider the type of show he has, it’s not a surprise that Howard Stern had his own set of problems with guests and there are plenty of stories that ended in feuds or scandals.

Two cases of feuds come to mind here. First is Bill Maher, which doesn’t want to visit the show anymore, as he is angry with the staff of the show. Second is Patrice Oneal, which was offended by the fact that Stern forgot his name.

A number of people were banned from the Howard Stern show, after events like the one where A. J. Benza fought physically with Melendez John in 2001. Benza was banned by Tom Chiusano from the WXRK building because of that incident. Other two people banned from his shows are Crazy Cabbie, the name of a disc jockey from WXRK and Chaunce Hayden.

Some of the regular guests on Howard Stern’s interviews and shows were people that ended up getting their own radio show. They were Dead Air Dave, Andre Gardner, Kidd Chris, Jackie Martling and Adam Carolla.

Besides the regular celebrity guests, the Howard Stern interviews featured many odd voices, which are grouped under the name of The Wack Pack. These guests tend to be on the weird side, some being mentally disabled, while others are perverted or racist, or have some sort of special ability that they use on the show.

The first Wack Packer is considered to be Irene the Leather Weather Lady, which Stern met in 1980, during his days at WWWW, in Detroit. Fred the Elephant Boy was also one of the first Wack Packers, as called by Stern in The History of Howard Stern, in 1990.

An announcement was made in 2005 that a pope will be elected, to lead the Wack Pack, but the competition never materialized, since Stern announced soon after the move of the show to Sirius XM.

In 2006, a contest was organized to find the next member of the Wack Pack, and the winner of the title and of $10,000 was Bigfoot, an actor that had a height of 7 feet and 4 inches (2.24 m).

Some of the other members that benefited from the Howard Stern interviews and became members of the Wack Pack were Crazy Alice, Crackhead Bob, Gary the Retard and Eric the Midget, among many others.